The school is situated in Calle Montearagón in Madrid in the Arturo Soria district. Our bilingual kindergarten has 4 cozy, spacious and well-lit classrooms. Each one is customized for its corresponding age group. There are 2 exterior playgrounds and a multi-functional room. The remaining space houses the kitchen and other installations, which facilitate our Infant Education Team's work.

In the Babies' Classroom we have a maximum of 8 places in a 35 m2 room. Our youngest pupils can develop all their activities in a large yet familiar space.

  • aula Bebés - Sus Pequeños Pasos

The Classroom for Children of 1-2 Years of Age is 40m2 and has a maximum of 14 pupils so that our little ones have space and all the freedom of movement that corresponds to their age

  • aula 1-2 años Sus Pequeños Pasos

Our oldest ones of 2-3 years have independent classrooms according to their language choice. There are toilets that have been adapted for their age, which allows them to be more independent at any time. During the school year and depending on the term's theme, they also take an active part in creating their space in the school; decorating and transforming the atmosphere with painting and the creation of multiple murals. These are a product of the rich diversity of the creative activities. Both classrooms are 38m2 and take a maximum of 20 pupils.

French Classroom 2-3 years

  • aula 2-3 francés Sus Pequeños Pasos

English Classroom 2-3 years

  • aula 2-3 años inglés Sus Pequeños Pasos

Our Playgrounds have a total extension of 80m2 where many outdoor activities are enjoyed. At different times throughout the day all the age groups enjoy playtime in the school's outside area.

The Multiple Uses Room is some 50 m2. It's a perfect space for the combined assemblies, theatrical and psycomotricity activities, as well as end of school year parties and some of the workshops with parents. It also has a multimedia projector to enjoy large sized images, which help the children understand the activity they are about to carry out.

  • sala usos múltiples Sus Pequeños Pasos

Common Areas

  • instalaciones comunes Sus Pequeños Pasos