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Supported by a specialist in nutrition and periodic supervision from the Public Health Authority, our own kitchen forms an indispensable part of the school's philosophy. Healthy, homemade daily, nourishment with an adequate adaptation of the menu for different ages and cases of food allergies and intolerances that some children may have. We can prepare a special last minute menu for those children who may need on a particular occasion.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Sus Pequeños Pasos

Although it takes place during class time, going to the pool is an optional activity in our kindergarten. Recognized as a "complete sport", swimming is a great complement for the child's psychomotricity. It relaxes, helps in the creation of good co-ordination and breathing and it stimulates different areas of the nervous system. At the age of 0-3 years, the objectives are: to introduce them to the medium of water and for them to be unafraid of putting their heads under water, to develop independence, the movement of grip and to learn to blow through the nose and mouth in the water.

Once a week we go by bus to the Dolphin Swimming School.

Early Years Professionals

In our infant school we have the auxiliary support of a team of early years professionals and health care professionals such as a physiotherapist specialized in respiratory physiotherapy, a speech therapist, a psychologist, an osteopath and a nutritionist... This allows us to detect any problems in time and place a solution within reach.

The Future School

The Future School

Sus Pequeños Pasos has agreements with various schools who share our commitment to teaching; if families wish to, we can help them choose a future school for the little ones. These collaborators work with a philosophy, which is similar to our Educational Project.


In addition, teachers and infant education professionals from our school collaborate with us in a babysitting service which gives emotionally sensitive and affectionate attention which guarantees the well-being of the little ones and the adults' tranquility. The babysitters play fun creative games in Spanish, English and/or French; whatever the family chooses. There is a minimum time requirement of 2 hours and there may be up to 4 children in the group.

Apply for the service: at least 24 hours in advance
More information: escuela[at]