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The Education Project of Sus Pequeños Pasos takes shape through a group of themed activities inspired by books and at the same time the children themselves enrich the activities with their own ideas and interests. By using play this programme allows us to work on Stimulation in all areas of the child's physical and psychic development following a logical yet open sequence as in accordance with our school's methodology.

The Assembly

asamblea-aula-frances-les-petits-pas Every morning we invite our children to assembly, the purpose of this is to awaken the children's interest in their NATURAL SURROUNDINGS and in the EXCHANGE OF CULTURES. We observe the weather for the new day, get to know festivities and customs, to participate in and enjoy and understand the physical social world they are a part of. Every morning accompanied by our school personalities we greet the new day with songs and games.


PAINTING, PLASTICITY and MODELLING allow them to release their creativity, to start to develop their visual perception and their body/space awareness with an adequate stimulation of the finer points of psycomotricity and precision. We use materials that can be recycled and encourage them to distinguish, classify and use elements from the environment. With this more natural vision we put them in contact with other elements of the natural world such as animals and plants.


Through the MUSICAL PROGRAMME we stimulate their additive perception and a sensitivity towards different cultures. They are motivated and amused by the activities due to the great discovery they make through them. They differentiate rhythm, tone, and melodies. They manipulate and classify instruments by seeing, touching and listening to them. At the same time we motivate them to sing and dance, letting themselves be carried away by the sounds and experiencing extensively with all the senses.


PSICOMOTRICIDAD PSYCOMOTRICITY forms an essential part of a child’s development, which we stimulate in a free natural way in each age group. Using a personalized form we awaken their curiosity about their own bodies so that they discover for themselves balance and co-ordination of all movements. Aware of the benefits of Aquatic Motricity during growth, we offer an optional weekly SWIMMING CLASS.

Logical Maths School

LOGICAL MATHS School Sus Pequeños Pasos

By using activities for ordering, classifying and relating such as the Heuristic games during years 1 to 2 years of age, and educational games orientated towards the ideas of the LOGICAL MATHS School, we stimulate our pupil's capacity to structure their knowledge in a conscious logical way.

Theatrical And Symbolic Games

THEATRICAL and SYMBOLIC GAMES allow the children to integrate emotions and physical movement, expressing them in front of others. This experience helps them to interiorize interpretation and improvisation in a natural way. Intra and interpersonal body mind stimulation reinforces sensitivity, expression, co-ordination, self-awareness, empathy... and it creates the need to verbalize and develop language in order to relate to others.


As a BILINGUAL infant school in French and English we work with our pupils to build a good foundation for easy absorption and assurance in several languages at the same time. This helps in developing a consciousness of language, understanding that there are diverse ways to transmit and that languages are one of them. Stimulation for a good Multi- Linguistic Assimilation from a very early age, helps to better understand cultural diversity of our surroundings and therefore move naturally, freely and comfortably in them.


Teamwork Sus Pequeños Pasos The fame of our system is based on TEAMWORK and an adequate involvement of parents. We have a very complete bilateral system of communication as well as programmed activities with parents which allows for the existence of complicity and co-ordination which are so important in a parent/school relationship.

A wealth of sensorial stimulation benefits the development and mental structuring of the children. With this Sensory-Experimental System and through the System of programmed activities that has already been described, our teachers work with projects that are programmed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, with the intention of achieving a final objective, that of happiness, self-assurance, freedom, a sense of well- being for the child. All of this leads the way for complete self-realization and social confidence.