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At Sus Pequeños Pasos the stimulation of linguistic assimilation occurs in a very natural way by enjoying games and activities every day and opening up to the wide range of expressions that the language and its culture have to offer.

Both bilingual and multilingual children have a better idea of the cultural diversity of our surroundings. They are more open towards new cultures and to different ways of thinking. That's why in our bilingual school, foreign languages are integrated throughout the school day so that language assimilation is solid right from the beginning.

Escuela Bilingüe Sus Pequeños Pasos In the Baby class and in the class for 1 to 2 year olds, the children receive from their teacher all the care, attention and the carrying out of activities using French and English simultaneously to communicate.

For our older children in the 2 to 3 years old class, which is the stage when language is developed, we centre the learning in one foreign language, English or French according to the family's choice. There is the possibility of having bilingualism in the afternoon and also Spanish if the parents ask for it.