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After-school workshops

Sus Pequeños Pasos offers an after school programme throughout the school year. The workshops are designed for children from 2-12 years who want to re-inforce their French and/or English in a fun and playful way. The groups are very small for a better development of each workshop; a maximum of 5 kids will learn playing together, guided by our native teachers.

Weekly Workshops

SENSORY CLASSES / Native French/English teachers

Sensory stimulation from birth is extremely important. Involving babies in sensory experiences from birth, advances their brain structure. There are seven sensory processes; taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing, body position awareness (proprioception) and movement sensations (vestibular input). Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills and social interaction. This type of play aids in developing and enhancing memory. Sensory play is great for calming an anxious or frustrated child.

MUSICAL AND INSTRUMENT INITIATION / Qualified music teacher, native French speaker
Learn the piano/keyboard in French

Learning to play the keyboard is accessible from a very young age and helps children develop their cognitive and motor skills in a creative and playful environment! In this workshop the children discover and learn to play songs of different styles on the keyboard. Also, through this exercise, they develop their musical listening, their sense of rhythm and their own creativity. This is the perfect opportunity to start discovering solfège by singing the notes of the scores. This is an excellent workshop to develop children's musical aptitudes and to discover the passion of future small pianists!


SPEAK OUT / Native English teacher

Speak Out, English Conversation Workshop
We all know how important it is to put something you have learnt into practice. There is a saying in English: "If you don`t use lose it". We spend hours learning by heart (memorizing) different grammar rules and long lists of vocabulary. But do we really have enough opportunities to put the rules into practice? We need a chance to speak the language! A few sentences a day isn´t enough! You need more than that to get the feeling of a language and become fluent. The aim of this class is to lose fear of speaking in front of others, to express our feelings and above all to have fun while learning. We take the learners away from their desks for a while and give them the chance of moving about and getting them to communicate. We will play different games, focus a lot on the intonation, rhythm, stress patterns and pronunciation.


COMBO ROCK / Teacher musician

Taller extra-escolar de Rock - Escuela de música Les Petits Pas
Very small classes, for children from 6 years old who have already expressed a desire to be a rock star (their own motivation is very important). We teach them to play the guitar and / or sing simple songs of rock and pop in English. For these classes they need their own instrument (if they are interested in the guitar) or they can go simply to sing, or play the percussion.


VISUAL ART / Native French teacher

art and creativity workshop In the art and creativity sessions we experiment with different painting techniques, sticking, printing and modeling. Using materials and objects from daily life so that we can transform them and give them a new life. Combining plastic arts and recycling, this workshop is ideal for stimulating the imagination and creativity. The activity is carried out with themes thus combining individual and teamwork. Each class ends with a group game, which helps re-enforce the language.


CHATTERBOXES / Native English teacher

taller extra-escolar Chatterboxes
Our objective for CHATTERBOXES is that children learn English the most fun way possible, through games. Children are just beginning their journey of self discovery, in this class everything that we do will be fun and completely in English. We will be working on fine motor skills, letters and their sounds (using the phonic method), name recognition activities, counting, singing and all this through games. All of these things will be taught through vocabulary and English expressions. Our dynamics are varied so as to keep the children engaged and motivated so that they go home singing and repeating things taught in class. This being an afterschool activity and for this reason, and the age of the children, the class is focused on a more playful and artistic nature. Leaving room for growth and development of each and every child. What is better than learning English the most playful way possible??


MUSIC SCHOOL WORKSHOP / Native Spanish teacher & musician

Escuela de Música – La metodología en nuestros talleres extra-escolares Through music, children become more aware of themselves, their environment and others and learn a powerful way to understand and channel their emotions. Making music in a creative way is a great tool for self-realization. In our afternoon sessions, different musical tools and instruments of different kinds will be used so that experimentation and enjoyment are the main axis of the sessions. The final objective is that children, through music, develop their sensitive perception, aesthetic expression and sound creativity, and not only incorporate the bases of musical syntax. More information

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